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ID: 431-1

Stan u novogradnji, najam

Kanton: Sarajevo

Grad: Sarajevo

Šira lokacija: Sarajevo – Centar

Uža lokacija: Marijin Dvor

Cijena: 2.650,00 KM (1.354,92 €)

Cijena/m²: 25,00 KM

Površina: 106,00 m²

Godina izgradnje: 2013

Stanje: Novouređen


Ime: Mirza

Prezime: Hadžijahić


Telefon: 38733210208

Telefon: 38761188252

Rental d.o.o., Mehmeda Spahe 6, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH, Tel/Fax: +387 33 210 208,


Marijin Dvor Residential Complex (DR) is a new quality residential development located in the center of Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The development consists of a 2 underground garage floors featuring with 52 parking spaces, ground retail, 6 floors residential featuring 42 units. We are presenting fully furnished unit #505 (105.8 m2) as a residences with dedicated parking spot available under a long term lease.
The Project is located on Kalmija Baruha Street and along the main road leading to business downtown Sarajevo. It is adjacent to Sarajevo City Center Mall including internationally managed Westin hotel and an office tower, all nearby Bosnian State Parliament building. It offers excellent elevated views providing for a private secluded home feeling within the active urban city. The Project has been developed to an international residential quality standards offering excellent city central location as a new prestigious residential district in Sarajevo featuring modern architecture and providing both domestic and foreign guests top quality residential living space for their families and friends.
DVOR carries several fundamental components:
1. Top city location including short walking distance to Old Town,
2. Excellent communication and access infrastructure;
3. Quality Construction performed by Strabag,
4. Immediate access to dining and shopping areas (Sarajevo City Mall with Westin Hotel and Konzum Supermarket), and
5. First truly international quality residential building in Sarajevo.

Dvor features 42 residences including relevant condo building amenities. The facilities will include lavish lobby areas and carefully designed and arranged residences offering spacious living and dining space while maximizing daylight. Window facade will be utilized and kitchens will feature state of the art appliances. Dvor will become a preferred choice for local and regional buyers looking for residential design home feel in the center of vibrant Sarajevo. It will address this demand by developing state of the art Project featuring spacious residences, underground parking garage, and quality retail units, all conforming to the latest environmental technologies with space efficiency and design flexibility.


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Rental d.o.o., Mehmeda Spahe 6, 71000 Sarajevo, BiH, Tel/Fax: +387 33 210 208,